Does DirecTv Internet service work with Xbox Live?

Answer As of February 2010, Xbox Live does not work with DirecTV Internet service. Satellite Internet services are unsupported by Xbox Live because it requires speeds faster than the 512 Kpbs To 1.5 Mbps ... Read More »

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Can Xbox Live work on satellite Internet?

Satellite, ISDN and dial-up Internet are not supported with the Xbox Live service. Xbox Live works with several Internet services. The performance of your games will be effected by the type of serv... Read More »

Does satellite Internet work with Xbox Live?

You cannot play Xbox Live with satellite Internet, as it is not one of the supported types of Internet service. You need cable or DSL Internet to play. Dial-up is also not supported.Source:Internet... Read More »

Will xbox live work with wireless internet?

Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console can access a wireless Internet network via an Xbox 360 Wireless N or Wireless G Networking Adapter, which can be plugged into the USB port on the back of the... Read More »

Does the Xbox Live Communicator headset work for Xbox 360?

The Xbox Live Communicator Headset was designed for the original Xbox. Therefore, it is not compatible with the Xbox 360. An Xbox 360 headset that plugs into the 360 controller is available for use... Read More »