Does Dimenhydrinate have the same delirium effects as Datura........................…?

Answer Diphenhydramine and benadryl are the same thing and Dimenhydranate is a close cousin. If you take about 1000mg of Dimenhydranate it becomes a deliriant, depending on your weight. I don't have any e... Read More »

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Help with datura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

several weeks and if you are thinking of using, DON'T. dangerous

Is datura legal?

The Datura plant---sometimes used as a hallucinogen---is uncontrolled in some states and illegal in others. Unless sold as a supplement or a drug, federal law does not control the plant, but some s... Read More »

How do I germinate datura?

Encouraging GerminationSoak the datura seeds in warm water for 24 hours. Mix equal parts of sand and peat moss in a dish and add just enough water to moisten the mixture. Sow the seeds in the dish ... Read More »

Medical Definition of Delirium & Dementia?

Delirium and dementia are the most common causes of lack of mental functioning according to the Merck Manual. People with either or both of these disorders are unable to increase, retain, and use k... Read More »