Does Dill Remove Nutrients From the Soil?

Answer All vegetable varieties extract nutrients from the soil to grow, but some do this more efficiently than others. Crops generally fall into one of two categories: medium to light feeders or heavy fee... Read More »

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Soil and Nutrients for Tomato Leaves?

Soil quality and nutrient content are two of plant growing's most important components. Not properly preparing soil for tomato growth providing for the tomato's nutritional needs often means a fail... Read More »

How Organisms That Decompose Provide the Soil With Nutrients?

All living things rely in some form or another on soil. It is the base layer in which all plants grow, and upon which various types of animals and insects feed. A delicate balance of nutrients is r... Read More »

Name the nutrients that are originally absorbed from soil by plants?

Process in which nutrients in dead organisms are returned to the soil?