Does Dandruff Make Your Hair Fall Out?

Answer Science experiments are an important part of a child's education, providing hands-on experience and an opportunity for excitement. However, to avoid accidents or injury, students should also use sc... Read More »

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How to Make a Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Hair Rinse?

Tea-tree is an excellent anti-dandruff remedy and is safe to use on the whole family. Tea-tree is used in several dandruff shampoos because it has excellent anti-dandruff qualities.

How to Make Herbal Dandruff-Reducing Hair Rinse?

Herbal dandruff-reducing hair rinse is a simple, natural homemade rinse that uses ingredients that are easy to find in almost any health food store. The herbs in the mixture have powerful astringen... Read More »

Does eczema make your hair fall out?

Eczema is a broad term for several skin conditions characterized by itchy, red, inflamed skin occurring anywhere on the body. Called seborrheic dermatitis when symptoms are present on the scalp, it... Read More »

Can Bleaching My Hair Make it Fall Out?

It's true that bleaching can make your hair fall out, but not for the reason you might think. Bleach is a powerful chemical that breaks down pigmentation and protein molecules. Here are some essent... Read More »