Does DSL work with a wireless phone jack?

Answer On One Hand: Does Not WorkThere is not enough bandwidth in wireless phone jacks to handle DSL. Wireless phone jacks are barely able to handle dial-up connections. You are better off moving your com... Read More »

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Does Magic Jack work with wireless broadband Internet?

MagicJack works with wireless broadband and most other broadband Internet services, according to MagicJack. You must make sure, however, that your wireless Internet has upload speeds of at last 128... Read More »

Can you use Magic Jack with wireless cell phone service?

Yes, you can use MagicJack with your wireless cell phone service. You can use your cell phone as a modem for MagicJack. You can also make international calls on your cell phone through MagicJack.Re... Read More »

How to Make a Rotary Phone Work With Your Phone Jack?

Old rotary-style phones were equipped with a cable that wired directly into a small phone box on the wall. When you purchased your phones from the phone company, they would come out and install the... Read More »

Will the Magic Jack work on a phone with multiple headsets?

Magic Jack will work with a phone with multiple headsets. Just plug the base station into the Magic Jack and use the additional headsets as normal. The only phones Magic Jack does not work with are... Read More »