Does DSL service work with magicJack?

Answer Yes, magicJack will work with DSL. "A minimum bandwidth upload speed of 128 kb/s is required," however, according to magicJack. You can gauge your average upload speed at online bandwidth-speed-tes... Read More »

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Will MagicJack work with dial-up Internet service?

According to MagicJack’s website, dial-up Internet service does not provide a sufficient amount of bandwidth to operate the device as a minimum upload speed of 128 kilobytes per seconds is requir... Read More »

Do you need DSL for MagicJack service?

MagicJack requires a broadband Internet connection but does not specifically require DSL. According MajicJack's website, you can use a cable, DSL, wireless or WiMax connection with a minimum upload... Read More »

Does a MagicJack work with DSL?

MagicJack works with a wide variety of Internet connections, including DSL, broadband, high-speed Internet, cable Internet, Wi-Fi, wireless and WiMax. MagicJack does not work with dial-up or satell... Read More »

Does the magicJack telephone work?

On One Hand: MagicJack Can WorkThe magicJack can provide the services advertised on its commercials and print campaigns. Users can get unlimited local and long-distance calling within the United St... Read More »