Does DSL require a phone line?

Answer DSL, or digital subscriber line internet service requires a phone line, as well as a DSL modem, an ethernet card and a DSL service provider. DSL can download data about three to five times faster t... Read More »

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Does dsl internet require a phone line?

DSL requires an existing phone line. DSL allows high-speed connections to the internet through normal landlines, such as the ones installed in most houses. If you have no landline, DSL cannot be a... Read More »

Does direct tv require a phone line to all recievers?

Does dsl service require an active phone line?

You do need to have an active telephone line in your home to get DSL Internet but you do not need active telephone service. Most companies, including AT&T and Verizon, now offer what is known as dr... Read More »

Does netscape internet service require the use of a phone line?

On One Hand: Internet ChoicesDial-up is still popular in many locations that do not have broadband coverage. Many people who do not use the Internet often find this as a more cost-efficient solutio... Read More »