Does DOS still have its place these days?

Answer They are no longer made but there are still many computers out there, mostly in storage, that can still be used and are fully functional.

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I have been itching for 7 days now and its not just one place it everywhere?

Go see a doctor, it seems pretty serious. I don't know what kind of help you're expecting from Yahoo answers.

When did the movie"Thirteen Days"take place?

The movie "Thirteen Days," released in 2000, takes place in 1962. The film recalls a two-week period in October, during what became known as the "Cuban Missile Crisis." The film concentrates on Pre... Read More »

I am going to Switzerland for few days but not sure which place is good to visit?

Switzerland is a very tourist centered country, a result of having a multitude of places to see. I lived in Switzerland for 2 years and was still not able to see all the sites. However, there are a... Read More »

My 5 year old has type 1 diabetes and for the last few days her sugars have been all over the place?

she's probably coming down with something, that tends to happen. it's actually good being a diabetic because you know when you're going to get sick by your numbers, so you can stay home from work/s... Read More »