Does Cranberry juice really help prevent urinary tract infections?

Answer A lot of people think that it does help in the prevention and to help cure urinary tract infections.

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Does cranberry juice help urinary tract infections?

On One Hand: Normal BenefitsAccording to The Health Vitamins Guide, cranberries are thought to fight bacteria in the urinary tract though not known as effective against set in infections. They have... Read More »

Does cranberry sauce have the same effect as cranberry juice on the urinary tract?

Does Alka-Seltzer really cure urinary tract infections?

Yes, you could use alka seltzer. The reason is because it is alkaline in nature, just like baking soda, or calcium citrate.Alkalinity helps keep the bacteria that causes UTI's in check. Calicum cit... Read More »

How to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections?

While many people can go through their whole lives without ever having a urinary tract infection, some of us seem to have them all the time! Here are tips for preventing urinary tract infections.