Does Costco have a large bulk item pick up service for returning a large 50 inch TV?

Answer Pick-up Policy Best thing to do is call Costco and ask.well, I have a FREE pick up service... il just take it RIGHT off your hands and you'll never have to worry about it again... lol

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Which is bigger pizza costco large pizza or shakey's large pizza?

Mis sold item from large retailer?

Morally you are right but as you have no proof of the phone conversation about the freeview situation before you bought it there is absolutely nothing you can do if they do not want to refund you.

If I scan a large item will it print the same size?

kinkos can do anything. tell them what you want.generally, a document is reproduced at the same size, but some people want a smaller or bigger copy, so the printer settings are adjusted.also, be su... Read More »

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