Does Continuing Education Count As College Credit?

Answer You've probably heard at least once that learning is a lifelong process, and if you work in certain careers, that saying is especially true. Continuing education, or CE, is a central requirement fo... Read More »

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Does ROTC count as Physical Education credit in los angeles high schools?

You could, but that would depend on the severity of your disease and the assessment made by the chief medical officer (flight surgeon). If your symptoms are non existent at the time of enlistment a... Read More »

Colleges for Continuing Education?

Technological innovation and societal change require most professionals to continue their education throughout their career. As a result of this, the vast majority of colleges and universities now ... Read More »

Continuing Education in Accounting?

Accountants and auditors are financial professionals who specializing in tracking and analyzing assets, income, liabilities and expenditures made by companies and other organizations. Their primary... Read More »

Continuing Education in Psychology?

Education does not end for psychologists the moment they graduate with their doctorate degree. Because psychology is a science, it is constantly changing and growing. Continuing education allows ps... Read More »