Does Congress pay Social Security taxes?

Answer According to the AARP website, as of Jan. 1, 1984, all members of Congress pay into the Social Security system. Additionally, all federal employees must pay into Social Security, including the pres... Read More »

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Can Congress take a 401(k) simple retirement for Social Security?

Absolutely not. This rumor began in 2008 when professor Teresa Ghilarducci gave congressional testimony advocating that investors be allowed to voluntarily cash out their 401ks and IRAs and place t... Read More »

How to Pay the Taxes on Your Social Security Benefits?

Social Security was created to provide retirement income for people after their working years. If you are receiving Social Security benefits, you may have to include part of your benefits as taxabl... Read More »

Do you pay taxes on Social Security disability?

Yes, Social Security disability benefits are taxable. You must pay taxes if your total income is greater than $25,000 if you file a federal tax return individually or if you file a joint return, th... Read More »

Do we pay taxes on Social Security benefits?

You only pay income taxes on Social Security benefits if your total taxable income, including the benefits, exceeds the annual limits. As of 2010, no matter how much income you make, you only pay f... Read More »