Does Compaq make a 14 or 15 inch laptop computer?

Answer Compaq makes a number of 14 and 15 inch laptop computers, including the Compaq 515 Notebook PC at 14 inches, the Compaq 620 Notebook PC at 15.6 inches, and models in the Compaq Presario line. In la... Read More »

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Where is the contrast button on the Compaq Vista laptop computer?

The contrast button is on the left hand side of the Compaq keyboard. Locate it by its symbol, which looks like a shining sun. Press the key to set the preferred contrast for your computer screen.Re... Read More »

How do I make a clean install of XP on a Compaq laptop?

Making a Clean InstallTurn on the Compaq laptop and plug in the AC power adapter to begin a clean install of XP. Insert the operating system disk into the CD-ROM drive and hold down the power butto... Read More »

Can you use recovery media for one Compaq computer on another type of Compaq computer?

HP and Compaq recovery information is specific to the model type because recovery information includes drivers necessary to run model-specific hardware such as the processor, the wireless network d... Read More »

How do I Make My Sound Work on My Compaq 7594 Desktop Computer?

The Compaq Presario Desktop PC 7594 is a full-featured home computer with an internal sound chip, suited for running the Windows XP, 98 or ME operating systems. On these systems, the computer is oc... Read More »