Does Comcast have a good DVR?

Answer On One Hand: Comcast DVR High Definition is High QualityAccording to a review in DesiCrazy.Com, the Comcast DVR works fine as a DVR recorder in that it records shows without technical problems, and... Read More »

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Does TNT have a hi-definition channel on comcast?

I don't think so but there might be check

Does bloomington in comcast tv have OWN network?

We don't show that brand component available with codes. I would suggest contacting the manufacturer to get the available codes from them.

Does Comcast internet essentials have a self install kit?

You will need to put in for it through the web site. If you are accepted then they will send you everything you need to do a self install. Your house will have to have cable there already and you m... Read More »

Does basic cable from comcast have ESPN?