Does Coke contain water?

Answer Coca-Cola contains water. Carbonated water is the first ingredient in any Coke product, as water makes up the bulk of the beverage's substance, followed by various sugars, artificial sweeteners, dy... Read More »

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Which plant will grow with coke milk microwave water orange juice and distilled water?

What tastes nicer: cherry coke, coke, diet coke, dr pepper?

Given the choice, ordinary coke - but what's the matter with good old lemonade ! ! !

Coke, Pepsi, or water?

Water. It is a life giver. Coke and Pepsi are not. Not to mention all those empty calories from the pop.

Can plants grow better with coke or water?

I would say water.Coke contains phosphoric acid which leaches nutrients and deprives calcium, it will coat the plant it is placed upon and restrict photosynthesis. Also the sugar in the coke would ... Read More »