Does Coke contain water?

Answer Coca-Cola contains water. Carbonated water is the first ingredient in any Coke product, as water makes up the bulk of the beverage's substance, followed by various sugars, artificial sweeteners, dy... Read More »

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Does Coke contain cocaine?

Originally, marketed for medicinal use when it was created in 1886, Coca Cola did contain cocaine. However, Coke has not contained any cocaine since 1929, when it was removed from the soda altogeth... Read More »

How many calories does Diet Coke contain?

Diet Coke is a soft drink distributed by The Coca-Cola Company. I is available in five varieties, including caffeine-free and cherry-flavored. A serving of Diet Coke is eight ounces and contains ze... Read More »

Does water from a water cooler dispenser contain Fluoride (like in offices)?

depends on where the water for the cooler comes fromif from town supply water with Fluoride in it YESif bottled water contact the supplier to find out

Does bottled water contain THM?

THMs (trihalomethanes) are chemical compounds that form in water after chlorine is added and the chlorine reacts with organic matter in the water. THMs are found in bottled water and, to protect pu... Read More »