Does Cocoa Butter Reduce Stretch Marks?

Answer Women have used cocoa butter, a fat extracted from the cacao bean, for years to help reduce unsightly stretch marks. While there is some evidence that applying cocoa butter to affected areas of the... Read More »

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How to Remove Stretch Marks With Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa butter is a highly hydrating vegetable fat used to make a variety of beauty products. Due to its potent moisturizing properties, cocoa butter is used in body lotions, lip balms and hair condi... Read More »

Does Cocoa Butter Work on Stretch Marks?

Cocoa butter has been a word-of-mouth remedy passed on to pregnant women for decades as a way to prevent or cure stretch marks. However, there is little evidence that cocoa butter will actually get... Read More »

Cocoa Butter Products for Stretch Marks?

It is important to understand that stretch marks are completely harmless. Most people are concerned about them because they feel they negatively impact their appearance. The most common areas for s... Read More »

Does cocoa butter help fade stretch marks?

Cocoa butter helps fade stretch marks. Cocoa butter contains a natural antioxidant rich in Vitamin E, which helps repair damaged skin cells (stretch marks) and fight free radicals that cause premat... Read More »