Does Clinique skin tone corrector work?

Answer On One Hand: One One Hand: Clinique BenefitsAccording to dermatologist Dr. Orentreich, Clinique's Even Betterâ„¢ Skin Tone Corrector will "virtually undo the visible evidence of sun damage, dark pa... Read More »

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Why does my skin react to new products like clinique?

Even the most hardy skin can react to fragrance, preservatives, alcohol, mineral oil, lanolin or other common ingredients. If skin reacts to Clinique products, it's possible you may be sensitive, o... Read More »

How to Buy Clinique Skin Care Items?

Clinique brand cosmetics and skin care has long been regarded as an expert when it comes to natural beauty. As a company, they understand the importance of feeling beautiful with and without make-... Read More »

Are Clinique skin care products good?

On One Hand: Developed by a DermatologistClinique touts the fact that its skincare line was developed by a dermatologist. Each product also goes through extensive allergy testing (on about 7,200 pe... Read More »

How Does Color Affect Skin Tone?

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