Does Cilantro Flower?

Answer Cilantro flowers and sets seed, like most herb plants. Though the herb is primarily grown for its aromatic leaves, every part of the plant is edible, and flowering provides seeds which have their o... Read More »

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Does cilantro retain its natural antibiotic properties if cooked?

Research shows that cilantro leaves have beneficial anti-bacterial properties. Researchers believe the compound dodecenal, found to be present in the herb, can combat infections and Salmonella. Cil... Read More »

If a white flower is crossed with a red flower and a pink flower is produced this is called?

What deciduous tree has waxy pink flower with blue ball in the center of the flower also has 5-point star shaped white flower?

How to Dry Cilantro?

Bright and green, cilantro comes from the coriander plant and its flat triangular leaves look much like parsley. Cilantro, often used in Mexican dishes like pico de gallo, is best used fresh for th... Read More »