Does China Slim Tea help in weight loss?

Answer On One Hand: Anecdotal EvidenceAccording to a review by The Diet Pill Institute, the manufacturers of China Slim Tea provide testimonial evidence but no guarantee of weight loss. The tea seems to w... Read More »

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Is there any truth to weight loss with the gi slim patch?

On One Hand: Manufacturer ClaimsThe makers of the Gi Slim Patch claim that weight loss with their patch doesn't require diet or exercise. The main ingredient is fruit vinegar. This vinegar contains... Read More »

How does wu long tea help weight loss?

Wu long is another name for oolong tea, a semi-fermented variety of black tea that reportedly aids in weight loss. Other health benefits include improved skin condition, healthy teeth and a stronge... Read More »

Does green tea help weight loss?

Hello Jack, The best way to lose weight is through a balanced diet and regular exercise. Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant that can aid in weight loss by improving your metabolism, which in turn ... Read More »

Does vitamin B12 help with weight loss?

On One Hand: Study EvidenceA study published in 2005 states that there is no evidence that B12 injections increase weight loss, according to The subjects took vitamin B12, among oth... Read More »