If you have the iPhone 3G will you get picture messaging and video camera with the 3.0 software upgrade?

Answer That would depend on several things. Did you want to buy it new, second hand, rent it or use it on pay as you go.

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Instant Messaging instant messaging is allowed on Department of Defense systems under what circumstances?

Yes, but the primary services involved in that time frame would be USMC, USN, or USAF. They were the ones still doing various operations, etc. The main line forces (conventional forces) US Army had... Read More »

Does IOS 6, for apple devices, include a messaging app I know ios 5 does!!!!! I have an IPod touch 4th gen.?

I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly but iOS 6 will have iMessage, see link below…However, if your not asking specifically for iMessage and... Read More »

What does .-. mean in messaging?

It's an upside-down -.- face.Used in situations that are either derpy or kind of like *facepalm* when you'd say -.-, but instead put it upside-down.It usually has no meaning.

Why does facebook messaging do this?

Glitches or a trip in the space continuum