Does Celebi have an evolving form in the Pokemon Silver version?

Answer Celebi, first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver for the Game Boy, is a Psychic/Grass dual-type Pokemon that does not evolve. Even in later games such as Pokemon Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilv... Read More »

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How to Get a Red Celebi on "Pokemon: FireRed"?

Shiny Pokémon feature an alternate color to their normal form. The legendary Pokémon Celebi normally appears as a light shade of green, but its shiny form is a light red color. You normally only ... Read More »

How to Get Celebi in "Pokemon Sapphire" Without Cheats?

Celebi is one of the six legendary Pokemon revealed with Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. When Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire were released, there were official Nintendo events held a few months... Read More »

How to Get to Celebi's Tower on Pokemon Emerald?

Players who are eager to discover the time-traveling Pokemon Celebi in "Pokemon: Emerald" will have no such luck searching in Celebi's Tower or exploring the game's wilderness. While several "Pokem... Read More »

How to Get the Celebi for Pokemon Crystal Version?

Pokémon Crystal is the Game Boy Advance version of the successful anime and video game series. Players use a turn-based system to battle other monsters and climb the ranks of the elite. This role-... Read More »