Does Carnation Breakfast Essentials taste good?

Answer They are amazing. I think the powder tastes slightly better than the bottled drink because you can mix it with milk and it tastes just like a shake (and the powder is cheaper/better value), however... Read More »

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How nutritious is Carnation Instant Breakfast?

On One Hand: Nutrition BenefitsCarnation Instant Breakfast contains 220 calories and 1 g of fat when made with fat-free milk, making it a low-calorie and low-fat option for dieters. The 13 to 14 g ... Read More »

Where can i buy carnation instant breakfast?

Buy Carnation Instant Breakfast drinks and drink mixes at drug stores and grocery stores. You can also order them from the Nestle Company website. Nestle manufacturers and distributes the drinks.So... Read More »

Can you give a toddler Carnation Instant Breakfast?

On One Hand: The Product Provides Vitamins and MineralsEach serving of Carnation Instant Breakfast provides 500 grams of calcium and 9 grams of protein. It also provides iron, vitamin A and vitamin... Read More »

Does Kool Aid taste good or bad?

Kool Aid comes sweetened and unsweetened. Are you using the unsweetened kind and not adding enough sugar? Actually, if you are importing a drink from the US, I would not recommend Kool Aid. It'... Read More »