Does Carly Patterson have any siblings?

Answer yes it might be you how do we know

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How many siblings does Carly Patterson have?

Set them apart and talk them through right's and wrong's. Well, it depends how old they are. Explain to them why hitting is wrong. Trust me grew up with ALOT of siblings.

What Do They Call This Pose That Carly Patterson Is Striking In This Picture?

Are you on magic mushrooms or something.................

I am your biggest fan of i Carly and of drake and josh maranda and i wanted to know if i can be in i Carly?

Well, You CAN be in icarly but you would have to submit a funny video to them.So think of what crazy,funny, or odd talent you have.

Why does everyone call Carly on icarly shay comma Carly?

Not everyone calls her that.They've called her that only a few times.But when they did it was because usuallyon official papers such as records they putthe last name "comma" first name. Example:Sha... Read More »