Does Carb Stopper Extreme really work How quickly will I see results?

Answer I have used Carb Stopper Extreme for a while and am very satisfied with it. You don’t have to worry about there being any caffeine or anything to make you "jittery", In fact there aren’t actua... Read More »

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Will a sandisk extreme 3 work in a nikon L100?

In 35mm or digital camera there is a type of shutter or lens that controls how the outcome of the image is. These two things are very important in how the images exposure, depth of field, clarity o... Read More »

Hypnotherapy for spider phobia, will it work if the fear is very extreme?

Hypnotherapy is not exactly a proven modality. It was started by a guy by the name of Mezmer. The term mesmerize came from his name. Now as time passed Mr. Mezmer was denounced as a fraud and hi... Read More »

Will SanDisk Extreme Pro compact flash cards work on the Canon EOS 5D (original)?

ANY CF card will work on any camera that uses them.If the 5D supports UDMA cards, then you will get the full read/write speed from the card.My research shows that the 5D does not, however you will... Read More »

Why does the low carb diet work?

Low-carb diets are generally effective because they tend to keep you feeling full long for relatively few calories - at least that's the claim. But a 2009 study conducted at the Harvard School of P... Read More »