Does Capstar work on fleas?

Answer On One Hand: It Kills Adult FleasCapstar is a tablet that contains nitenpyram, and a single dose should kill all of the adult fleas on your dog or cat in 24 hours. Capstar enters a dog or cat's blo... Read More »

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Capstar Fleas & Cats?

Capstar is the name of a small white pill given orally to cats or dogs that will kill all the fleas currently on the animal or that jump on the animal within 24 hours of ingesting the pill. The Cap... Read More »

Does lemon spray work on cats to kill fleas?

On One Hand: Lemon-Based Solutions Repel FleasLemon-based products have been known to effectively repel fleas, states PawRescue.Org. Lemon repellent can be made by boiling six lemons---cut into hal... Read More »

How to kill fleas extreme case if fleas well kind of but i need imediate help?

Diatomaceous Earth is an organic powder, widely used for removing fleas from the body of pets and also its cost is very low. It is used for killing most of the insects that make habitat in your hou... Read More »

Do foggers really work against killing fleas in the home?

On One Hand: Yes, Of Course They Do!Flea foggers are the most effective way to rid a home of all forms of fleas whether they be adult or larvae. Fogging kills the fleas no matter the lifestage and ... Read More »