Does Canada have better beer than the US?

Answer yes for the most part. a light beer is a light beer no matter where you go. the porters and stouts will put out an average american beer drinker just sniffing it. i need a long weekend in quebec... Read More »

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Who is this Samuel Adams and why does he think his beer is anything better than pi ss water?

Samuel Adams was a Founding Father.Jim Koch and his business partnersstole his name as a marketing gimmickbecause they thought he was a brewer.He wasn't a brewer,he was a maltster.There's a differe... Read More »

Does cold beer ever taste better than on a hot summer night after a two month "wagon" ride?

TWO MONTHS Prometheus??!!You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din..But the best beer I've had in a long long time was in the sweltering heat when I was re-roofing my parents house a few months back... Read More »

Why does beer taste so much better from a bottle than from a can(or tin if you prefer)...?

Findings from blind tastings found no preference of bottled beer over canned beer. Of course the canned beer was from quality made modern cans and not circa dinosaur era cans. Beer from a tap becom... Read More »

Is beer better than Smirnoff?

A typical beer ranges from 8%-4% alcohol percentage (there are much higher if you search them) , while a Smirnoff is about 5%. Assuming that your buying beers in that alcohol content range I would ... Read More »