Does California have a health insurance managed care ombudsman?

Answer The California Office of the Patient Advocate offers a help center that is a part of the Department of Managed Health Care. Individuals seeking an ombudsman should contact this department. Individu... Read More »

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What is managed care health insurance?

Managed health care plans are contracts between providers and insurers where plan members can receive cost efficient medical services. There are three types of managed health care plans: Preferred ... Read More »

How many people have HMO or managed care health insurance in the United States?

The number of people enrolled in HMO and managed care plans has decreased significantly over the past several years as more alternative plan options have become available. Currently, there are abou... Read More »

Differences Between Managed Care Organizations & Universal Health Care?

In the world of health care, managed care and universal care represent contending philosophies and approaches. Managed care means medical treatment is limited by guidelines set down by a private in... Read More »

What Is the Health Care Provider's Responsibility in Managed Care?

The responsibility of the health-care provider within a managed-care organization is to provide high-quality service, control costs and ensure that all care is medically necessary.