Does Cali. unemployment check to see if your in school?

Answer Yes they can check dear.

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Where's a good High School Prom Venue in San Jose, Cali?

The Marriott Hotel near Great America does them. But if you are looking for uniqueness try a golf course or winery in or around the area. Try Fogerty winery in Palo Alto Hills (30 minutes from Sara... Read More »

When Will I Get My Unemployment Extension Check?

Unemployment benefits are provided to help people who experience severance from work through no fault of their own. With the United States economy in recession since the mid-early 21st century, fil... Read More »

How many days do I have to cash an unemployment check?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Contact Center, each state has different unemployment standards. So the number of days you have to cash your unemployment check varies. One way you can fin... Read More »

Do you pay California income tax on an unemployment check?

Unemployment insurance benefits are an employer-paid tax and are not considered taxable income by the state of California. Recipients who reside in California are only required to pay federal taxes... Read More »