Does Cali. unemployment check to see if your in school?

Answer Yes they can check dear.

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Where's a good High School Prom Venue in San Jose, Cali?

The Marriott Hotel near Great America does them. But if you are looking for uniqueness try a golf course or winery in or around the area. Try Fogerty winery in Palo Alto Hills (30 minutes from Sara... Read More »

Does Home Depot check for your high school diploma for employment?

The Home Depot requires your education history and checks on your high school graduation. The company prefers to hire individuals with a high school diploma or a general equivalency diploma (GED), ... Read More »

Where can you check you your continental academy high school diploma is cerdifed by school of education in Texas?

By the fed-it's a branch of the military, although sometimes we forget.

Do you pay California income tax on an unemployment check?

Unemployment insurance benefits are an employer-paid tax and are not considered taxable income by the state of California. Recipients who reside in California are only required to pay federal taxes... Read More »