Does Cabot Creamery use artificial growth hormones?

Answer Cabot Creameries has not used milk containing artificial growth hormones since August 2009--so says Michael Provost, Cabot's customer satisfaction manager. Provost says Cabot Creameries, a cooperat... Read More »

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Athletes & Growth Hormones?

News of athletes who fail doping tests before major sports events has been making headlines on and off throughout the years. How does human growth hormone help athletes and why do major sporting as... Read More »

Why should we use cattle growth hormones?

Growth hormones are used in cows to aid in the production of milk and beef. According to The Cattle Site, cattle growth hormones have been utilized since 1956, and benefit human safety as well as t... Read More »

What are human growth hormones?

Human growth hormone (GH), made by the pituitary gland, affects a body's growth and metabolism. GH plays a role in growing bones and muscles. Growth hormone can also be made in a lab and turned int... Read More »

How are human growth hormones produced?

According to the Mayo Clinic, production of human growth hormone (HGH) occurs naturally in the pituitary gland. In addition to natural production, HGH production occurs commercially.Natural Product... Read More »