Does CRACKING UR KNUCLES cause arthritic problems in later life?

Answer So they say..Guess youll find out.. cant do them any good?I dont see why people do this anyway? Whats the point? o.O

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Does cracking my knuckles cause any problems later on in life?

Other than annoying people around you...It has nothing to do with arthritis. That's an old wives tale.

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Auto Tire Cracking Problems?

Auto tires develop cracks for a variety of reasons. While cracks can result from damage to the tire, often the cause is simply normal wear and the cracks are purely cosmetic.

Will cracking you knuckles give you arthritis in later life or is this just an old wives tale?

I think it is an old wives tale - but anyone that does it near me will find themselves coming out in bruises on other parts of their anatomy as I beat them senseless in an effort to make them stop!... Read More »