Does "CD or DVD" bring viruses to your computer after open file in CD-ROM?

Answer If it is an original cd..then no..If it is a self made cd...then maybeBy the way all new antivirus softwares automatically check for viruses if you put the cd in the cd-rom

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Does "Stylish" bring viruses to your computer after downloading?

If you download and install from the Firefox site (… ) there is very little chance of problems. However, if you download/install from other sites, your ch... Read More »

Is it possible to program a batch file or .exe file to open on a usb stick upon plugging into a computer?

Of course there is!C# code:using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Text;using System.Management;namespace USBDriveSerialNumber { public class USBSerialNumber { string _... Read More »

How do i open a zip file on a mac computer?

DownloadDownload the zip file, and save it to your Mac's desktop. If you downloaded a zip file without saving it to your desktop, check to see if it is in your "Downloads" folder.UnzipOpen the zip ... Read More »

What to do with my personal folder so nobody can open my file in computer?

You should download "file locker" to your computer then lock those foldors are files which you want to lock.