Does "CD or DVD" bring viruses to your computer after open file in CD-ROM?

Answer If it is an original cd..then no..If it is a self made cd...then maybeBy the way all new antivirus softwares automatically check for viruses if you put the cd in the cd-rom

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Does "Stylish" bring viruses to your computer after downloading?

If you download and install from the Firefox site (… ) there is very little chance of problems. However, if you download/install from other sites, your ch... Read More »

How to open a file on microsoft publisher if you don't have it on your computer?

You can save a MS Publisher document as a MS Word document.Open the file in MS Publisher (at school), click on "save as" & choose Word 97-2003 Document or Word 2007 Document.

Can anyone bring a civil lawsuit against me after I file for Chapter 13?

An individual may not file a civil suit against you after you have filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection if you have listed them as a creditor. If they are not on your list of creditors, you ... Read More »

Is it possible to program a batch file or .exe file to open on a usb stick upon plugging into a computer?

Of course there is!C# code:using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Text;using System.Management;namespace USBDriveSerialNumber { public class USBSerialNumber { string _... Read More »