Does Broccoli scream when you eat it?

Answer oh sure.... broccoli is very sensitive... yet cauliflower won't care at all... now go eat some

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I live with my sister and we fight. I am the one who starts it. I yell and scream when she does something I don't like. How can I stop?

What does the Devil in the pick of destiny mean when saying Ill make him scream like the scarlet pimpernel in reference to Kyle?

The Scarlet Pimpernel was a movie based on a true story of someone in Europe who called himself the Scarelt Pimpernel and ran around freeing innocent people from jail. He eventually was caught, tor... Read More »

R&P: Do you scream when you are violated?

I have been violated 21 times since Friday by Smiley. That's why I'm staying off R&P right now. Ain't He mature for His age?

Why do we scream when we're in a lot of pain?

Why do we cry when we are sad?Its just natural, I have no idea what the scientific side of it is.