Does Brasso contain ammonia?

Answer Brasso cleaner contains ammonia as an active ingredient. When using Brasso, you will need to make sure you are in a well-ventilated room, and avoid getting the product on your skin or in your eyes,... Read More »

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Is household ammonia the same thing as ammonia cleaner?

Household ammonia is a strong chemical that can be used in gardening and cleaning both at full strength and diluted. Ammonia cleaners, such as window cleaners, contain other chemicals and are only ... Read More »

What is Brasso?

Brasso metal formula can polish and clean brass, bronze, copper, pewter, chrome and stainless steel. The product arrived on the market over 100 years ago, and today is sold in 31 countries througho... Read More »

What Is Brasso Fabric?

Brasso fabric is a unique type of fabric in which the layers are burned to form the design. Dramatic effects and colors are created that are not possible with simple dye methods. Do... Read More »

How do I clean cds with Brasso?

Apply BrassoWipe any loose debris from the compact disc (CD) using a clean, soft cloth. Apply a dab of Brasso to a clean cloth, and rub the surface of the CD. Rub from the middle of the CD to the o... Read More »