Does Bowflex come in smaller sizes?

Answer Bowflex, a manufacturer of resistance-training machines, offers home gyms in a variety of sizes. The Bowflex Classic home gym is the smallest model, with 30 exercise options. The Bowflex Revolution... Read More »

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Which person looks like to have a smaller bone structure which person looks the smaller clothes sizes?

Ok person 1 looks like they have a smaller bone structure because her legs, arms, and shoulder area looks smaller but person 2 looks like they wear a smaller size because they just look smaller eve... Read More »

The Pros of Smaller Class Sizes?

Smaller classrooms have both their pros and their cons. Arguments have arisen over whether it is truly beneficial for schools to put a cap on classroom sizes. The proponents of smaller classrooms p... Read More »

Why should girls with smaller breast sizes be insecure?

The media has bombarded women with images of women who have bigger breasts. Have you honestly seen a flat chested on Playboy or on any men's magazines? Have you seen a girl with small breasts on ma... Read More »

How do I compare European bed sizes with American bed sizes?

Standard BedsDetermine the bed size you wish to compare. Four common standard bed sizes are used in the U.S. (twin, double, queen, and king) and in continental Europe (90 or single, 140, 160 and 18... Read More »