Does Bella survive giving birth?

Answer yes, but why didn't you just read on to find out!

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What are the chances a mother can survive giving birth with a tilted uterus?

Just as good as any other woman. The uterus normally un-tilts it's self around the 10 to 12 th week of pregnancy.

How bad does giving birth hurt?

Birth hurts a lot....I actually just recently had a baby. It was naturally, and the baby weighed 8.2 pounds! I am only 13 1/2. Just in case your wondering ,this is how it happend. Me and my 15 yr o... Read More »

Does it hurt giving birth?

Yes! But there are options available to help anesthetize the mother during labor and the delivery. Talk with your OB about the options available for you and make sure you know the pros and cons of ... Read More »

Why does it hurt giving birth?

It is extremely uncomfortable due to the fact is that even at our smallest size as infants, we are substantially large towards a vagina, like in the Cosby Show, they said "It's like pulling your lo... Read More »