Does Barq's root beer have caffeine?

Answer I believe Barq's does unless it says caffeine free on the can/bottle. I prefer the taste of I.B.C. root beers myself, something about a soda in a glass bottle just tastes better. Generally, with ... Read More »

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Does anyone remember the "A & W Root Beer Drive Inn Restraunt and How about their famour Root Beer?

There is one still in Edwardsville, ILL...along the historic rt 66. There are modern ones in STL.

Does dried dandelion root raw tea contain fluoride and caffeine?

Dried dandelion root raw tea naturally contains fluoride, as do all teas. However, even though this kind of tea is caffeine-free, it can supply you with a natural boost of energy without the jitter... Read More »

How bad is Root Beer for you?

At the most 4 times a week, dont drink it all the timebut its fine in moderation! Enjoy yourself

Which is the best root beer out of these?

Give me some A&W in a frosty mug any day! It rocks! Peace to you!