Does Bank of America do Student Loans?

Answer grant money is not something you have to pay back. loan is the money u have to pay back but usualy after 6 months after u graduate from school. double check with them. the answer of your question. ... Read More »

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Can the Bank Take Your Home if You Owe Student Loans?

Higher education can be expensive, depending on where you go. According to College Board, some schools cost $35,000 per year or more in tuition as of 2011, and these costs are expected to rise. The... Read More »

If my husband goes into default on student loans can they take the $ out of my bank?

Ella:If your husband defaults on his student loans, the lender will spend at least 270 days trying to cajole him into either honoring his obligation, or negotiating a payment plan. If your husband ... Read More »

Are Student Loans interest free and where does the Loan come from, University or a Bank?

None of these answers are correct.Assuming you are talking about US student loans (can't help with Canadian or English student loans), there are some differences based on what types of loans we are... Read More »

Does Bank of America have student credit cards?

As of 2010, Bank of America has only one student credit: the Student Visa Platinum Plus, according to their website. This card carries no annual fee and an interest rate of about 14.24 percent with... Read More »