Does BG Fuel Injection System Cleaner work?

Answer On One Hand: You Don't Need ItNo matter who sells it, all gasoline comes out of the same hole in the ground. Modern fuel companies introduce a lot of additives to their gasoline to make it stand a... Read More »

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What is fuel injection cleaner?

In the never-ending search for fuel treatments that actually increase mileage and performance, few are as quantifiably affective as old-fashioned cleaner. Consistent use of cleaners can increase al... Read More »

How to Use Fuel Injection Cleaner?

Part of keeping your car running at its peak performance is maintaining a clean fuel injection system. Between changing your inline fuel filters, you can also use fuel injection cleaner as an addit... Read More »

Why does my secondary air injection system on my 2003 deville sound like a hoover vacuum cleaner?

A seal is prolly going bad. its gonna give you code P0410 if you dont fix it.

DIY Water Injection Fuel System?

Though the idea of intentionally injecting water into a running engine seems a bit counter-intuitive, simple and cheap water injection systems are an effective way of reducing detonation in turboch... Read More »