Does Aquafina water contain calories?

Answer Aquafina is bottled water that is produced by the PepsiCo company. Since it it simply water, it has no calories. The nutrition facts for Aquafina can be found on the label on the side of the bottle... Read More »

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Where does Aquafina water come from?

Aquafina, produced by soft drink giant PepsiCo, is produced using municipal water. The company has started noting that the water come from a "public water source" or P.W.S., on the water bottles. M... Read More »

Is there bpa in aquafina water bottles?

Aquafina bottles do not contain BPA. When in doubt, look at the recycling number on the bottle. A 7 means the bottle may contain BPA, 3 and 6 contain chemicals similar to BPA and other numbers are ... Read More »

Does Aquafina water contain fluoride?

Aquafina does contain some fluoride, but the fluoride content is notably less than tap water. In a USDA test, Aquafina contained 5 mcg/100g of fluoride. Some argue that this lack of fluoride is a... Read More »

How is Aquafina water purified?

According to Aquafina's website, Aquafina water originates from a public water source and is purified through a seven-step process called HydRO-7. The process includes reverse osmosis and filtering... Read More »