Does Anything Make Hair Grow Faster?

Answer Many people wish they had long flowing locks of hair, but wonder why it takes so long to grow. Typically, hair grows about half an inch every month or so, but there are many ways to naturally speed... Read More »

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How does one make hair grow faster?

First of all you have to do the basic hair care routine. That will give hair a healthy condition. The ROUTINE is: hair brushing, massaging, shampooing, rinsing, conditioning and drying ~ hair brush... Read More »

Why Cutting Hair Does Not Make It Grow Faster?

I'm sure you've heard that cutting your hair may make it grow faster, but it's really not true. Oddly, however, if you're trying to grow long hair, you really should keep the ends trimmed. What? Ho... Read More »

Does Waxing Make Hair Grow Faster?

When it comes to old wives' tales, various forms of tried-and-true hair removal methods are fair game. You've probably already heard that waxing causes hair to grow back much faster. However, the t... Read More »

Does castor oil make your hair grow faster?

Castor oil makes the hair grow thicker. As a side note, emu oil awakens your hair follicles and causes hair to grow.