Does Anyone Know That Google Search Site..?

Answer It's a custom Google search.

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How to Google Search a Site?

Google can be a very useful search engine for the internet. Just type in a few words and Google will search across the internet to find what you need. However, what if you need to search just one w... Read More »

Google is saying that every site search might harm my computer.?

I think this is due to people using scrapers to pull results from Google without identifying themselves to Google.It looks like Google is reacting to this by returning links that go through Google,... Read More »

I did a google search on my name and i find that my name show on porn site what to do and how i can contact ?

hey~'re not the only person in the entire world who has that name.and besides, what are the chances that someone you know will watch that and spread it around anyway? right?just chill.

Google site where you plugin a search term and it tells you where in the world people searched for it,etc?

Try these…