Does Amtrak transport vehicles?

Answer Amtrak transports vehicles along the eastern coast of the United States. The Amtrak vehicle transportation service runs from the Washington D.C. area to central Florida, specifically from Lorton, ... Read More »

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Does Amtrak transport cars?

As of early 2010, Amtrak transports vehicles on only one route. This service, called the Auto Train, operates between Lorton, Va., and Sanford, Fla. Amtrak does not offer shipping services for vehi... Read More »

Can you transport your personal vehicle when you ride an Amtrak train?

You may transport your car on one Amtrak train and you must travel with your vehicle. The only route available is from Lorton, Virginia, near Washington D.C., to Sanford, Florida, which is near Orl... Read More »

If you have two vehicles insured by the same company and back into one of them will they pay for the damage to both vehicles?

Answer Check your policy. It probably has an exclusion for any damage caused by another vehicle owned or operated by anyone on the policy. Otherwise, everyone with a junker would be ramming into ... Read More »

Compare Alternative Fuel Vehicles & Regular Vehicles?

Vehicles fueled by a means other than petroleum with less emissions are alternative fuel vehicles. There are several types of alternative fuels available--all offer benefits over traditional gasoline.