Does Ammonia Kill Septic Tank Bacteria?

Answer An ingredient in household cleaners and solutions, ammonia is effective in killing germs and bacteria as well as removing grime from both hard and soft surfaces. When disposing of chemicals through... Read More »

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How do I add good bacteria to a septic tank?

Adding BacteriaAdd good bacteria to your septic tank by either purchasing a commercial product or using brewer's yeast. Flush the preparation down your toilet. Follow label directions if you are us... Read More »

Is ammonia harmful to septic tanks?

Answer Setic Tanks Any chemical that may stop natural fermentation is not good for a septic tank. If your tank starts to smell mix yeast and sugar and flush it down the toilet. This will get it ... Read More »

The Best Bacteria for Septic Systems?

On-site septic systems are used in rural and suburban areas to treat waste water produced by homes and other buildings that are not connected to a public sewer system. Septic tanks use either aerob... Read More »

How do I add natural good bacteria to a septic system?

Select EnzymeGood bacteria and enzymes designed to treat septic systems are sold in granular packets and liquid form. These are available at most discount and grocery stores. Choose the form most c... Read More »