Does Ammonia Kill Septic Tank Bacteria?

Answer An ingredient in household cleaners and solutions, ammonia is effective in killing germs and bacteria as well as removing grime from both hard and soft surfaces. When disposing of chemicals through... Read More »

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How do I add good bacteria to a septic tank?

Adding BacteriaAdd good bacteria to your septic tank by either purchasing a commercial product or using brewer's yeast. Flush the preparation down your toilet. Follow label directions if you are us... Read More »

Does ammonia kill mildew on wood?

Ammonia should not be used to kill mildew on wood because wood is a porous surface and can absorb the ammonia. Ammonia should only be used to kill mildew on hard surfaces such as tiles, countertops... Read More »

Does vinegar ruin the septic tank?

On One Hand: Vinegar is Great for the Septic TankVinegar is an eco-safe, cheap way to maintain your septic system. According to the Cooperative Extension (College of Agriculture & Life Sciences at ... Read More »

How Does Mouthwash Kill Bacteria?

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