Does Amerigroup cover ceramic braces?

Answer The Amerigroup handbook doesn't make a distinction between types of orthodontic braces. Amerigroup will cover the braces if the recipient is under 21 and can show that the braces are a medical nece... Read More »

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Does Peachcare cover braces?

According to page 12 of Georgia's Peachcare for kids handbook, braces are covered if prescribed by a physician. The medical necessity is reviewed on a case-by casebasis for members under 19 years o... Read More »

Does Medicare cover braces?

Medicare almost never pays for dental procedures, according to However, you could get Medicare to cover your dental braces if you can prove they are a medical necessity, suc... Read More »

Does AHCCCS cover braces?

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), Arizona's Medicaid program, will cover orthodontic care, including braces, when medically necessary. A patient's primary care physician nee... Read More »

How many 18x18 ceramic tiles does it take to cover 900 sq feet?

18 inch x 18 inch tile is really (1 and 1/2) feet by (1 and 1/2) feet That is (3/2) x(3/2) square feet = 9/4 square feet. To cover 900 square feet we need (900)/(9/4) = (900) x (4/9) = 100 x 4 = 40... Read More »