Does American Laser Centers really work?

Answer On One Hand: Remove Hair and Skin RejuvinationAmerican Laser Centers is a nationwide network of clinics that assist people in removal of unwanted hair through lasers, reduction of cellulite and ski... Read More »

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How much is laser hair removal at American Laser Centers?

The average cost of laser hair removal in American Laser Centers is approximately $350 per treatment for a small area such as the armpits. Larger areas will cost more per treatment, such as $600 fo... Read More »

Does Tria laser hair removal system really work?

I have been using the Tria for about 2 months now. I have very light skin and very dark hair, so I am a perfect candidate for laser. I tried professional removal once, but I didn't have enough mo... Read More »

Do laser hair combs really work?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsLaser hair combs are becoming ever more popular on the market. Consumers are reportedly taking satisfaction in the use of laser combs--even over specialized shampoos... Read More »

How does a laser work?

They work exactly the same way as a laser pointer does. The electricity excites electrons, that then vibrate at a frequency to emit light. The term laser is derived as an acronymn from "Light Ampl... Read More »