Does America have a national dish ?

Answer One way of describing American cuisine is a synthesis of cuisines from around the world, a style of cooking that takes something from each immigrant community. America has alot of famous regional d... Read More »

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Does Israel have a national dish?

Yes!!! : )It is a toss up between FALAFEL or Hummus....but I would say falafel is number one! : )Falafel has been part of the diet of Mizrahi Jews for centuries and is a staple of the Israeli diet.... Read More »

What does the national anthem of America mean?

The lyrics of the national anthem are from a poem by Francis Scott Key. He wrote it after watching the British bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore harbor on September 13, 1814. The words descr... Read More »

What does america have that Switzerland does not have?

What does it mean if you have dish network and the TV says your smart card does not have authorization to view or purchase this channel?

At this point, if your talking about your computer, you can't. But if your talking about an external hard drive hooked up to the box, you can. In your list of recorded programs, go to external devi... Read More »