Does America have a national dish ?

Answer One way of describing American cuisine is a synthesis of cuisines from around the world, a style of cooking that takes something from each immigrant community. America has alot of famous regional d... Read More »

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What does the national anthem of America mean?

The lyrics of the national anthem are from a poem by Francis Scott Key. He wrote it after watching the British bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore harbor on September 13, 1814. The words descr... Read More »

What is Guyana national dish?

What is the national dish of Russia?

Nobody said borscht? It's pretty good if made properly and undoubtedly the most famous dish from Russia. It would make a good side dish but takes like half a day to make, most of which is spent sim... Read More »

What is your national dish in your country?

Good food! I have read two of my countrymen answered. I would just add and say that we have so many native dishes in the Philippines. We have our favorites top of the line like: Siningang na Isda, ... Read More »