Does AlumaSeal work to repair a heater core?

Answer On One Hand: AlumaSeal a Quick FixAlumaSeal, which comes in liquid and powder form, can be used to plug pinhole radiator leaks. Sometimes it also works on larger holes. The manufacturer says it's s... Read More »

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How to Repair a Heater Core?

The heater core functions like a mini-radiator, providing the cabin of your car or truck with warm air to keep you toasty when the weather outside is frightful. Antifreeze heated by the engine circ... Read More »

How do you repair a leaking industrial heater core?

Answer take it to a radiator shop. It is not worth the frustration of trying to do it yourself. The have to acid dip it to weld it.

How to Repair a Heater Core in a Jeep Cherokee?

Repairing or replacing the heater core on a Jeep Cherokee is a complicated procedure, and might be best left to a professional. However, it can be done with basic hand tools, provided the mechanic... Read More »

Instructions to Repair a Heater Core in an Envoy?

The heater core on a GMC Envoy is located behind the instrument panel and dashboard. A failed core can lead to windows fogging up or coolant leaking from under the dashboard onto the passenger side... Read More »