Does Alltel use a GSM SIM card?

Answer Alltel uses the GSM network and GSM SIM cards for all of its phones. In many areas in 2009, Alltel was taken over by the mobile provider Verizon. Verizon also uses GSM SIM cards and allows users to... Read More »

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Where is the alltel hue sim card located?

The Alltel Hue II cell phone, manufactured by the Samsung brand, does not utilize SIM card technology. There is no place on the phone to insert or remove a SIM card.Source:Samsung Mobile Support: M... Read More »

What is an EV-DO Alltel Internet card?

An EV-DO (Evolution Data Optimized) Internet card is a device you can plug into a computer in order to access broadband Internet via a 3G network. EV-DO plans are currently offered by Verizon Wirel... Read More »

Does Alltel use SIM cards?

Alltel wireless does not use SIM cards in their cellphones; they use CDMA cards. Alltel wireless was bought by Verizon Wireless in June 2008, and all Verizon phones also operate with CDMA cars that... Read More »

Does Alltel sell the M6500c?

Alltel Wireless doesn't sell anything anymore. According to CNET, Verizon bought out Alltel in nearly $29 million merger in early 2009. Although Verizon integrated most of Alltel's wireless consume... Read More »