Does Alltel have any good phones?

Answer On One Hand: Alltel Uses Restrictive TechnologyCritics of Alltel claim that the company's reliance on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology limits the selection of phones compatible with ... Read More »

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How to Activate Alltel Cell Phones?

Alltel has now successfully merged with one of the largest mobile phone providers, Verizon Wireless. The company as a whole has 80 million customers and more are added every day. Activating an Allt... Read More »

Can Verizon phones be used with Alltel service?

Verizon and Alltel merged into one company in 2009, and both phone types will work with both service networks. The phones were incompatible during the merger, but if you had happened to purchase a ... Read More »

How can I get free text messages for alltel phones?

unless u have the prepaid plan u can get 2 choices for free such as unlimited text, unlimited mobile 2 mobile, unlimited nights and weekends, or unlimited calls to your fav number. if u have a mont... Read More »

Where can I download ringback tones for Alltel phones?

On One Hand: Directly From AlltelYou can purchase and download ringbacks directly from Alltel ( through the Internet or over your wireless phone via Alltel Web. In addition to listing th... Read More »