Does Allstate car insurance cover rental cars?

Answer Allstate car insurance does cover you while you drive a rental car---if that coverage is listed as part of your policy. Also, some policies include rental reimbursement recovery (which covers the c... Read More »

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Does Allstate auto insurance cover rental car insurance in the US?

They do if you specifically add it to your coverage. You have to ask or you will not be covered for the rental car. It is an extra premium.

Do rental cars get stolen and if so do the rental companies have theft insurance?

Unfortunately - yes, rental cars do get stolen. Most rental comapnies have theft insurance, but usually have some sort of deductible.Rental cars get stolen from customers all the time. If you were ... Read More »

Does auto insurance cover a rental car?

Depending on the type of auto insurance coverage you have your insurance may cover a rental car. If rental insurance is not included in your plan, your insurance provider may offer rental coverage... Read More »

How long does insurance cover a rental car?

Different states and insurance companies differ regarding coverage for a rental car. In general, the coverage on a personal policy transfers to the rental car for as long as you rent the car. Furth... Read More »